Musicians should not fear failure. Now a museum even celebrate it.

Musicians and artists may see failure as a constant fear. Those who have a creative job inevitably meet failure, sooner or later. The main problem is not to fail, but the understanding of failure most of our cultures have: a source of shame, delusion and sometimes depression. A misconception that discourage many people from pursuing innovative ideas. To fight this idea of failure the psychologist Samuel West funded in Helsingborg, Sweden, the Museum of Failure, to celebrate unsuccessful products from big brands, many of which were fundamental for further innovation. The subtitle is precisely “innovation”. The museum collects mostly tech devices lake the first smartphones, including Apple’s Newton, Kodak’s digital camera, but also Donald Trump’s board game (a simpler and self-congratulatory version of Monopoly), coffee flavor Coca Cola, Colgate’s beef lasagna, bifurcated drumsticks, and more. “In innovation we know that 80 to 90 per cent of projects fail,” said the funder of the museum Samuel West, “but we just do not see them, because people do not talk about them. If there is anything we can do from these failures is learning from them, but we can’t learn if we can’t see them. We need the museum of failure to make people understand that if we want any kind of innovation – social or technological – we need to accept failure and start learning from failure”. The museum of failure is on tour in Los Angeles until 4th February.

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