Giovanni Sollima will play an ice-cello in his next Italian tour

The world-famous Italian cellist Giovanni Sollima will cross Italy in his upcoming tour “N-ice Cello Giovanni Sollima Tour”, playing a cello made of ice.

The instrument was made by the American artist Tim Linhart, who during the last 20 years crafted many instrument and even a concert hall made of ice, where his instruments (including guitars, xylophones, winds and strings) can be played without melting.

“The first time – said Linhar – I was so excited by what I heard that a put on my skis, I skied all the way down to the village, and I told what happened to me and how excited I was. They pretty much thought I was a kook”.

The cello that will be played by Sollima was crafted in Tonale, on the Alps near Trento, and the tour will begin exactly in Trento, at the Museum of Science, on the 29th of January. The tour will then cross Italy and reach Palermo, where it will end on the 10th of February. Then the cello will be melt in the Mediterranean Sea.

The project invites to reflect on climate change, water crisis and their consequences, as climate conflicts and migrations. Within 2050 climate migrations will involve from 50 up to 350 million people, but they are not recognized by Geneva Convention and so have not any international protection.

Further information is available on Giovanni Sollima’s Facebook page.

fonte: website