How does a 6-meter-long piano sound?

Well, with deeper bass, but it can handle also the softer notes, according to those who had a chance to play it. The 6-meter-long piano was built by the New Zelander piano builder Adrian Mann, 28, as a “gigantic experiment”, as he said, but the outcome is more interesting than expected. “With this piano, there is an extra level of depth and resonance again because the piano wires are more than 20ft long,” Mann explained to the Guardian.

“There were huge engineering challenges to overcome. When it was first built the sound was quite raw, but it’s now much more refined and tuned and well-regulated.”

“A lot of people approach the piano with all sorts of different ideas. I had a pianist from London visit recently and he was quite pessimistic about the piano. He thought it was a gimmick,” said Mann, “but when he finished playing, he was quite delighted with what he could get out of it. A lot of pianists come along and the first thing they do is play the bottom notes and go ‘oh my goodness’. It can be quite hard to pull some people away. I haven’t had a negative reaction yet.”

For those who want to try it, unfortunately the giant piano is still in New Zeland, but visiting Adrian Mann’s Youtube channel “TheAlexanderpiano” you may enjoy the performers of famous pianists dealing with this extraordinary instrument.

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