How Soundreef defeated SIAE monopoly

On the 16th of January “SIAE monopoly definitively collapsed,” said Davide D’Atri, CEO and co-funder of the London based copyright management startup Soundreef. Soundreef can finally legally work in Italy, after the deal they has reached with the nonprofit organization LEA (Free Publisher Authors). The British startup had been fighting SIAE monopoly on copyright since 2015, putting the spotlight on this delicate situation thanks to the support from many famous Italian musicians, as the rappers Fedez and J.Ax and the songwriters Gigi D’Alessio and Enrico Ruggeri. Despite in 2014 a European directive confers to every author the right to decide how to collect of his earnings, SIAE held a legal monopoly in Italy since 1941, until in the end of 2017 a new law opened up the market of copyright management to nonprofit organizations. This is why Soundreef decided to make a deal with LEA to legally operate in Italy. Anyway SIAE denounced this deal as a violation of the law: “We are sure that institutions and authorities will verify this clear pretense,” they wrote in a press release.

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