Daniel Barenboim becomes a cartoon to teach kids to love classical music

Daniel Barenboim will star in “Max & Maestro”, a new International animated TV series created to make kids interested in classical music.

The plot deals with Max, a young boy who, while looking for his ball, casually meets Maestro and hears him playing piano. From then Max dreams of becoming a pianist, and Maestro, who looks like Barenboim, will help him.

Maestro Daniel Barenboim said: “This is an important project for me, because it gives kids a chance to get interested in classical music, having fun and learning effortless”.

“Max & Maestro” was co-produced by RAI, France Television and Adr-Hr. The series has 52 episodes of 11 minutes each, and will be broadcast starting from next Spring in Italy, France and Germany and then all around the world.

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