Happy Birthday Cremona!

The city of Cremona, founded on 31 May 218 BC by the Romans, turns today 2239 year old. In fact, the city was founded as a Roman camp on the river Po, built when it became known that Hannibal was advancing from Spain towards Italy. It was then founded under the consulate of Tiberius Sempronius and Publius Cornelius, as reported by Tacitus.

Tacitus himself testifies about the prosperity of the city of Cremona, also confirmed by the archaeological excavations that have taken place over the years, which have brought to light the remains of luxurious homes and large public buildings. Being both an agricultural area and an important port, Cremona also become the seat one of the most famous agricultural fair in central Padania, and was characterized by the wealth of craftsmanship and trade, as well as prestige and attractive cultural center: even a young Virgil moved there for a period from his native Mantua before completing his studies at Mediolanum, now Milan.

Features that the city of Cremona still retains, over two millennia later. Happy birthday, Cremona!