NEW TO YOUTUBE | Never-before-uploaded 1996 performance of the then 21 year old wunderkind Maxim Vengerov – live at the 38th annual Grammy Awards | Recorded with conductor Zdenek Macal and the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra – and broadcasted internationally on television to an audience of over 50 million viewers

In 2004 Schott Music became the first music publishing company to exhibit in Cremona Musica. Since then it has always been a regular guest of the fair. Now, while their 250th anniversary is approaching, Laura Rossi, the Schott Music representative in Italy, Spain and Portugal, explains the secrets of the company and their plans for the future.
Can you tell us something about Schott Music’s history?
Schott was founded in 1770, in Mainz, by Be...

Here's further proof that Bach's music sounds beautiful no matter what the instrument. Watch this gorgeous rendition of the Goldberg Variations on classical guitar.

The emotional landscape of Ravel's music gives us some indication of the composer's character — but if you want to get a clearer picture of just how peculiar and charming Ravel was, take a tour of his house.

The Moog was going to be “the Steinway of the future” — hear some of the great music made with it.

By Stuart Isacoff

One day in 1979, Manfred Eicher, founder of ECM Records, was driving along the Autobahn in Germany when music came over the radio he found so stunning he pulled off the road to listen. He set out to track down the composer, not an easy task in pre-internet days, who turned out to be an obscure Estonian named Arvo Pärt.
ECM had been in business since 1969 issuing high quality jazz recordings. When the two men finally met in ...

Stephen Hawking, the famous British cosmologist who passed away yesterday, was also very passionate about music. “I first became aware of classical music when I was 15,” he said in an interview for the University of Cambridge's website, “LPs had recently appeared in Britain. I ripped out the mechanism of our old wind-up gramophone and put in a turntable and a three-valve amplifier. I made a speaker cabinet from an old book case, with a sheet of c...

On March 11, Daniele Lombardi, musician and visual artist, died in his home in Florence. Lombardi was born 71 years ago in Florence. He pursued a multimedia idea of art, that led him to put together music and visual arts in spectacular performances that he took all around the world.
He was a pianist and composer, but also a painter, a performer, a scholar of futurism and a political activist. Lombardi wanted art to be more democratic, and this i...

Neuhaus, Rubinstein, Friedman, Kempff, Cortot, Cziffra, Magaloff et les autres...

We're feeling great joy for Michael Tilson Thomas conducting the San Francisco Symphony at Walt Disney Concert Hall, Mar 27!

For the first time a scientific research outlines neurobiological differences between classical and jazz pianists.
The study, published by Neuro Images, used electroencephalogram to reveal genre-specific cognitive strategies adopted by musicians while playing.
The outcome shows that classical pianists are more focused on the manner of playing, while jazz pianists pay more attention to the right note to play.
The experiment required different p...

Singer-songwriter Erin McKeown shows a few simple ways to apply jazz concepts to any style of music you play.

The Wall Street Journal wrote a long and in-depth piece dedicated to the Violin Museum and the lutherie tradition of Cremona, published on March 7 in both the American and the International editions. The author is Stuart Isacoff, member of Cremona Musica’s Media Lounge. The article is based on an interview organized by Cremona Musica during the 2017 Fair.
In 2017 Cremona Musica introduced the “Media Lounge”, a gathering of 30 journalists from al...

In southern Italy Vincenzo Piazzetta crafts medieval musical instruments starting from the analysis of period paintings, in order to rediscover ancient sounds.
In his workshop in Lamezia Terme, Piazzetta started building bagpipes and Calabrian lyres, then he specialized in other string instruments from the medieval tradition, such as rebecs, vielles and fiddles, without using mechanical tools.
His work is based on the study of iconographical so...

When The Juilliard School alum ThatViolaKid travels, he never lets his instrument out of his sight. Hear his tips.