Four cellists, one cello, and Ravel's Bolero

Four cellists amazed music aficionados with an impressive performance: playing Ravel's Bolero on the same cello, at the same time.

Important snare drum duties are taken by one player, who bows below the bridge. Pizzicato, fingering and bowing responsibilities are shared by others.

The performance was realized by four of the six members of the Wiener Cello Ensemble 5+1, an ensemble formed by cellists from the Vienna Philharmonic (Sebastian Bru, Bernhard Hedenborg, Florian Eggner, Milan Karanovic, Joanna Sachryn, Gerhard Kaufmann).

The video shared on their Youtube page of the Ensemble collected more than a million views (but many more views were gained through the videos shared by many music media outlets).