Violinist put his violin up for auction to support the Ukrainian displaced luthier

A violin crafted by Ukrainian luthier Oleksandr Smykovskyi will be auctioned to raise funds in favor of the luthier himself, who is currently displaced after the devastation of his city, Mariupol.

During the war, the city in the south of Ukraine has been devasted, along with the home of the workshop of the luthier.

The violin is currently owned by American violinist Gary Sinderovsky, based in Philadelphia. Sinderovksy has volunteered to put the instrument up for auction in support of the luthier. The auction house, Tarisio, is also playing a role by waiving the seller and buyer fees associated with the auction.

"My home and my violin shop are completely destroyed, including all my tools, my woods, all instruments including five new violins in various stages of completion," Smykovskyi said of his situation, as reported by Violin Channel. "Like many of my countrymen, I am now a displaced person, a refugee without any basic belongings or means of livelihood."

In addition, a GoFundMe has been organized to raise funds in favor of Smykovskyi.