Disklavier Composers Contest: fourth edition of the composition competition for Disklavier

Cremona Musica and Yamaha Music Europe – Branch Italy are proud to present the forth composition contest for Disklavier.

THE CONTEST - The Disklavier Composers Contest addresses all the musicians of Europe aged over 18, with no further limitations of age and qualifications. The contest was conceived to combine Yamaha's innovative technology with the great genius of today's composers. 

Participants are required to submit an unreleased piece that will be performed by the Disklavier Piano. The international jury, whose members are Antonio Faraò, Andrea Portera, Gabriel Prokofiev, Gabrio Taglietti and Dan Tepfer, will select the pieces for the Final that will take place on September 25th during Cremona Musica. On this occasion, the chosen winner will be given a prize of Euro 5,000 (gross of withholding taxes)!

Each score or audio file submitted by participants and uploaded on the contest registration page will be performed by Disklavier, videorecorded and then published on the YouTube Channel YouTube Disklavier Composers Contest with its author's name. Furthermore, Casa Musicale Sonzogno will publish the winning piece, inserting the title in its catalogue and reserves the right to publish also one or more finalist pieces.


YAMAHA DISKLAVIER - The Disklavier Technology, developed over more than 30 years of research and refinement, enables Yamaha acoustic pianos to reproduce in an extremely precise way the performances of pianists who played and recorded on this piano. 

Thanks to a digital catalogue of scores and records, it is possible to have the piano autonomously perform a rich music repertoire, with pieces of different music genres. The Disklavier piano can reproduce all the nuances of the performer's touch with the highest accuracy possible.

The Disklavier Technology also enables pianists to play remotely while reproducing their performance on another Disklavier piano connected to the network and located anywhere else in the world.

CREMONA MUSICA INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION AND FESTIVALS - Cremona Musica is the most important international Exhibition for high-quality musical instruments, attracting every year over 18,000 musicians, music professionals and lovers as well as hundreds of exhibitors from all over the world.

Cremona Musica has a Mission going far beyond the organization of the Exhibition taking place from September 23 to 25. Its main goal is that of promoting music all year round with an ongoing commitment and with projects that are developed with partner companies to launch prestigious initiatives such as this contest.


For further information: http://www.cremonamusica.com/disklavier-composers-contest/