Pianolink International Amateurs Competition: the 10 finalists

The artistic director of the Pianolink International Amateurs Contest, Andrea Vizzini, has announced the names of the 10 finalists of the competition who will compete in the final. The 10 amateur pianists, coming from 7 different countries, will meet on September 26 in Cremona, during Cremona Musica Special Edition.


The finalists in category A "no diploma":

Carlo Bergamasco, lawyer, Italy

Felicia Cheng, neuroscientist, Taiwan

Carl Di Casoli, mathematician, U.S.A

Joowon Kim, undergraduate in literature, South Korea

Irene Longacre Whiteside, executive assistant, U.S.A.


Category B, "with diploma":

Michael Cheung, manager, Canada;

Cristina De Compadri, enterpeneur, Italy;

Alain Mari, computer engineer, France;

Robin Stephenson, university professor in math, UK;

Zachary Weiner, computer engineer, U.S.A.


The competition was conceived by Associazione Musicale PianoLink, in collaboration with Yamaha Music Europe Branch Italy and Cremona Musica International Exhibitions and Festival, and is dedicated to all piano lovers.


The first stage of the competition happened only online, while the final stage is taking place in Cremona, at the Manfredini Hall of Palazzo Affaitati, on September 26 from 11:30 to 17:30. At 19:00 there will be a special concert, with all the pianists registered for the competition.


The entire day will be broadcast live on the Facebook pages of PianoLink, Yamaha Pianos, and Cremona Musica and of the YouTube channel of the PianoLink International Amateurs Competition.


The jury, composed of the American pianist Jeffrey Swann (president) with Bruno Monsaingeon (FRA), Eric Schoones (NLD), Alberto Nosè (ITA), and Alexander Romanovsky (UKR), has examinated 42 videos coming from 18 countries and has selected the 10 finalists.


The final: the jury will listen to the 10 finalists live or in live streaming (the finalists unable to reach Cremona for the final - due also to the current situation - will be able to perform from home), and will select the 5 winners and the overall winner, who will perform in Milan and Saint Petersburg in 2021 and will be interviewed by the prestigious magazine Pianist.