Ciresa, the kingdom of wood and innovation

Ciresa never ceases to surprise Cremona Musica’s visitors. After their Opere Sonore and the Resonance Piano, they are again working on a new novelty they want to present at Cremona Musica 2020. Always using the Red Spruce of the Fiemme Valley, the Stradivari’s wood they use for their lutherie boars and soundboards. We talked with Piera Ciresa and Fabio Ognibeni to know more.


Ciresa is renowned for the use of the Red Spruce of the Fiemme Valley, but you also use the Bosnian maple, in some cases. What are the main differences and features of these woods?

In its soundboards, for both strings and keyboard instruments, Ciresa uses only the Fiemme Valley’s Red Spruce. Every piece used for lutherie boards has our brand, reporting the year the trunk was cut and the quality. Its main feature is the regularity of the rings, the straight fiber, the light, and uniform color, its lightness, and the rich and natural sound. Peculiarities that are very renowned.

We use much less maple, and we buy and select it from our suppliers in the Balkans, who can guarantee its origin. The maple is used for the bottom, the neck, and the bands, and it must be carefully selected. Its qualities are the marbling and the regularity of the fiber, which is exalted by the cut and the use.

For both woods the aging is fundamental, it must be natural and long, as we always guarantee.


What is the importance of the relationship with luthiers and musicians in your job?

It is very important, both from a professional and personal point of view. Once a luthier has made his choice and is comfortable with the materials, it is fundamental to understand and support his need, to create a collaboration based on mutual esteem. Generally speaking, luthiers are mediators between the musician and the provider of the materials, like us, to build an instrument that meets the expectations of the artist.

The most satisfying experience is when the musician wants to choose in person, together with the luthier and his assistants, the wood he considers ideal.


Last year the visitors of Cremona Musica had the opportunity to try the new Resonance Piano. How was it welcomed?

There was a lot of interest and curiosity around this novelty. We had many unexpected compliments, also from the pianist Ramin Bahrami, who played it, saying he appreciated this bridge between acoustic and digital pianos. We deeply believe in this project and this instrument has already shown its versatility, combined with the quality of the sound, they are winning and interesting, thanks to the price, very affordable. Obviously it is more expensive than a digital piano, but the standard is higher and it offers you much more.  If you have a VAT number, we also offer to pay in 36 or 48 installments, and it might be interesting for those who provide services for concerts, to have it without a huge initial investment.


Are you working on some new projects?

Of course, our company is very dynamic. During the lockdown, I had the time to dedicate myself to the conceiving of the new model of Resonance. We are preparing an upright model, small and light, and we would like to make it cheaper. We want it to weigh less than 50 kilos, so it can be put in a car, but we also want its voice to be strong and natural, just with a soundboard, without speakers, like the Grand-Resonance. Maybe we will present it at Cremona Musica 2020, but we are a bit on a tight edge…


Last year you finished the crowdfunding project “Save the Stradivari’s wood”. How did it go?

The project was started after the Vaia storm in 2018, and the outcome was beyond our hopes. Our supporters were tourists who love the Fiemme Valley, music lovers, musicians, and many common people, who showed that our call to save Stradivari’s wood has been understood and shared. We had 910 subscriptions, that enabled us to collect and cut the precious material, the resonance wood, fundamental to guarantee the continuity of music in the future. We will meet our promise to give back the loaned money to the subscribers in time.


What opportunities does Cremona Musica offer to your company?

Cremona Musica is a very important project for us, because it offers the opportunity to meet our clients and to discover some new ones, giving the opportunity to buy our wood for those who cannot come to visit our company. I hope it will become the perfect place to make people try our innovative instruments. Being the first in the world is not easy, but it is exciting and rewarding.