A violin for all needs: what is Fareast Violins

The idea behind Fareast Violins is to guarantee students and people who are approaching music a cheap instrument to start, that guarantees good quality, also customized. The outcome is a series of instruments that are good for professionals too. We interviewed Monica Pezzini to find out more.


How did your activity start?

Almost by chance, since we got in contact with a great producer of strings in China. Years ago, strings made in Asia were synonymous with bad quality. Our challenge is to offer in Italy and in Europe good-quality strings made for students and young musicians that are approaching the world of strings, and that have not many resources to buy a great Italian artisan string from the beginning.


What are the strong points of your instruments?

We do not want to compete with those created by great luthiers, but they are a good compromise for people that are beginning to study. You can find instruments manufactured in series for any price. The violins, violas, cellos, and double basses we propose are similar to the artisan ones considering the materials (maple, spruce, ebony, natural varnishes…), but for a lower price. For us it is also important to make instruments that are easy to play, so we care about the setting of every single instrument before the sale. Boys and girls that are approaching a difficult instrument such as a string need to find it comfortable and easy to play, or they will stop studying after one year. We want them to develop a real passion, so they will go on studying, hopefully becoming a successful musician.

At the same time we try to make the job easier for our sellers, by ensuring that our instruments do not need a lot of maintenance before and after the sales, and none of our products are ever returned. Anyway, we are always available for substitutions, or to solve the rare problems. It may sound obvious, but we do all we can for our sellers and clients, to make them happy.


Which is your main target

For our beginners and intermediate instruments the target is young musicians (from 4 years old). But our high-end instruments may be played by amateurs, or also by professionals looking for a second instrument to be used in secondary concerts or in a situation where there is the risk to ruin a great violin.


Is it possible to customize an instrument?

Of course, besides standard models, we can also develop particular models, with particular dimensions, on the basis of the customer’s requests. Obviously we need extra time.


Which are the main novelties in your catalog?

Violas have always been rather neglected instruments. This year we decided to enrich our range of violas, proposing new small models conceived for 4-5-year-old kids, but also violas for conservatory students and professionals (on Stradivari, Guadagnini, and Amati’s models)


What is the importance of Cremona Musica in your activity?

We have taken part in Mondomusica since 2008, when we opened, never missing an edition. We already knew the exhibition as visitors, and since the beginning, we understood we had to be part of this event to be part of this world. Now Cremona Musica is much more than an exhibition of strings and has a great reputation in the world. Obviously our goal is to make our instruments known to music shops, to young musicians and to their teachers all over Italy. But, thanks to Cremona Musica, we also succeeded in getting in contact with French and European sellers, that are now some of our best clients.



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