Igor Levit's 15-hour concert to raise awareness on artists' suffering during pandemic

The German-Russian pianist Igor Levit performed last Saturday a rarely played composition by Eric Satie, "Vexations", in streaming, to highlight the plight of artists around the world who have been silenced by coronavirus lockdowns. The performance lasted 15 hours and was broadcasted through Twitter. Vexations, said Satie, represents the “silent scream” of musicians around the world.


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After the performance he tweeted: "Done. Done. Happy. Fulfilled. Grateful. And so damn high".

After the concert, Levit also auctioned 840 sheets of music to support out of work musicians, a category that has been hit particularly hard by the lockdown due to Covid-19. In these months the pianist played a series of more than 52 evening concerts broadcast live from his Berlin flat via Twitter.