Cremona Musica on Russian media: "This spectacle is simply mesmerizing"

The Russian musicologist Roman Berchenko, a member of Cremona Musica's International media lounge, just published a review of the last edition of the fair on the website of Radio Orpheus, of which he is the deputy director. You can find the full article here.

Down here, a short preview from the full article, translated in English:

"Hundreds of exhibition booths turn into a sounding musical Universe, ringing with all timbres and colors. In combination with the fantastically beautiful appearance of the instruments, this spectacle is simply mesmerizing. Of course, Cremona Mondo Musica is primarily a business event, where manufacturers of musical instruments and accessories come from all over the world, on the one hand, and music managers, orchestra directors, ensembles and just musicians on the other. Here, multimillion-dollar contracts are concluded, sets of instruments for dozens and hundreds of symphony and chamber ensembles are purchased - including world-class ones".