Yamaha & Bösendorfer Piano Discovery: the programme

The upcoming edition of Cremona Musica is hosting a series of piano events organized by Yamaha Music Europe branch Italy.

Prominent artists such as Paolo Buonvino, Kekko Fornarelli, Stuart Isacoff, Andrea Rebaudengo, Gwilym Simcock, and the robot pianist Teo Tronico, will perform with the innovative pianos that can record and reproduce the most complex performances.

An extraordinary offer of events, characterized by creativity and innovation, also involving robotics. These are the main ingredients of the Yamaha & Bösendorfer Piano Discovery, a programme of events organized by Yamaha within Cremona Musica 2019. Between 27 and 29 September, the Japanese brand is proposing in the Stradivari Room not only its best pianos, but also a series of piano recitals, demonstrations, and an innovative competition, with the participation of world-renowned pianists and composers.

Kekko Fornarelli will perform in the Corner AvantGrand of the Stradivari Room, a corner specifically set up to highlight the extraordinary features of this hybrid piano. The very different, but very talented, pianists, Gwilym Simcock and Andrea Rebaudengo will have in their hands the Yamaha CFX grand piano and the Bösendorfer 280 Vienna Concert.

But the protagonist of the 2019 edition is the Disklavier ENSPIRE, a piano that can record and reproduce the actions of the pianist, the up-to-date evolution of the project conceived by Yamaha 30 years ago and continuously perfected. Cremona Musica is also hosting the final of the Disklavier Composers Contest, of which Cremona Musica is also the co-organizer, the composition competition dedicated to this engaging technology. In the afternoon of Sunday 29 September, the pieces by the finalist composers will be performed, those who succeeded in fully exploiting the potentiality of this technology dedicated to the piano. Then, an international jury formed by Paolo Buonvino, Carlo Boccadoro, Stuart Isacoff, Gwilym Simcock and Fabio Vacchi, will elect the winner. In addition, all the submitted pieces are available on Youtube (here: http://bit.ly/VideoDisklavierCC) and the author of the video that will get most likes will win the “audience prize”.

Thanks to the Disklavier ENSPIRE technology, the composer Paolo Buonvino will perform in a concert with three pianos, managed by a single performer, exploiting the potentialities of these instruments. The Disklavier ENSPIRE will also be the core of the exhibition of Stuart Isacoff, pianist and disseminator, who during “Classical-Jazz connections” will highlight the links between compositions far in space and time. Then, the robot pianist Teo Tronico will be the protagonist of an experiment, in which the listening experience of a human pianist and a robot pianist will be compared, using a Disklavier ENSPIRE piano that can play autonomously.


27 September

4 pm - 'Monologue' by Kekko Fornarelli - Performance on Avantgrand


28 September

12 pm - Concert by Gwylim Simcock

2.30 pm - Disklavier recital: Classical-Jazz Connections, with Stuart Isacoff


29 September

11 am – The composer Paolo Buonvino in a performance for three Disklavier ENSPIRE pianos

12.30 pm – Listening experience with Disklavier and Teo Tronico

2.30 pm - Concert by Andrea Rebaudengo, playing piano works by Carlo Boccadoro and Fabio Vacchi

4 pm - Disklavier Composers Contest - final


Between the events, the visitors will have the opportunity to try the amazing pianos exhibited in the Stradivari Room.

Cremona Musica (27-29 September) is the main exhibition of high-quality musical instruments, and is organized every year in Cremona, Stradivari’s hometown and the international hub of musical instruments. Besides the best instruments crafted by the Cremonese, Italian, and International producers, Cremona Musica offers a rich and varied programme of events, with concerts, exhibitions, masterclasses, conferences, contests, with world-renowned artists. In the 2018 edition Cremona Musica hosted more than 18.000 visitors, 320 exhibitors (more than a half from abroad) and more than 160 events. Combining the business and the artistic sides of music, Cremona Musica becomes an unmissable event, a meeting point where new ideas, projects and collaborations are born. Where music lives and renews itself.