Research, details, and innovation: the secrets of GEWA

With almost 100 years of history, GEWA is a point of reference for musicians of all the world. We interviewed their Chief Operating Officer Simona Maria Roveda to find out more about their evolution and history, looking forward to meeting them at Cremona Musica 2019.


Gewa is almost 100 years old: how was it born and how did it develop?

Gewa was founded in 1925 by Georg Walther, who also gives his name to the company. Originally it was a producer of strings, cases, bags, then they extended their catalog to every musical instrument. Today, the owner is Hans Peter Messner, who developed the company and strengthened its presence outside of Europe. Now we produce and distribute musical instruments and accessories of every kind, such as winds, strings, guitars, drums, and digital pianos. Most of the products carry the name Gewa. The brands we distribute are linked to longstanding and consolidated collaborations. Our catalog is designed for every kind of musician, from beginners to professionals. 


In its history, Gewa also created and patented innovative instruments and accessories. Can you talk to us about some of them?

GEWA – WE ENGINEER MUSIC is our focus. We are always developing new technologies to enhance our qualitative standard. We are proud of the technology behind our digital pianos, with an up-to-date technology but a classical design. A European team of hardware and software specialists developed all the components of the keyboard for the digital amplification. The innovative and original Fatar keyboard provides three points of contact. The product is made in Germany, with a characteristic and compact design. Besides this, we developed a new technology behind the AIR cases for strings. Gewa was originally born as a producer of cases and bags, before extending its catalog to all musical instruments. Over the decades Gewa extended its selection of products, still paying more attention to the high-end cases for strings. The company has always tried to develop new ideas and new models that, through time, has become the new standards in this market and then a true point of reference. All this, always paying attention to the newest trends and to the musicians’ needs. The attention to details has always been a strong point of our production, this is why accessories like the bow cases, supports for handles, and the shape of the Jaeger cases are all patented.


You collaborate with dozens of important brands. Which are the main services you offer to them?

We offer professionality and distribution in all the European countries and beyond. Our warehouse in Germany is in a strategic place to reach every shop. We also collaborate to create marketing projects together with European artists.


You also organize the Gewa Young Contest, for very young strings players. How was this initiative born and how is it going?

It was born from an idea of Claudio Chioccia’s, the owner of the shop Chroma officina dei violini in Rome, where everything started. Gewa embraced this concept and extended it to the rest of Italy. The quality is now really high. The young musicians that participate in this contest have learned to know our company and they become increasingly more attached to our products.  


Have you decided what are you bringing to Cremona Musica 2019?

Yes, we are exhibiting the following products:

o   Cases            

§  GEWA Venezia oblong 310.601

§  GEWA Jaeger oblong 337.302

§  GEWA IDEA Carbon oblong 335.380

§  GEWA Air form orange 303.260

§  GEWA Air oblong black 316.210

§  GEWA Air Prestige form beige 303.650

§  GEWA Air Diamond black 316.710

§  GEWA Air Ray Chen 316.495

§  2x PURE GEWA polycarbonate violin form case (2 colors)

§  2x PURE GEWA polycarbonate violin oblong case (2 colors)

§  GEWA IDEA Carbon cello case 343.384

§  GEWA Air cello case red 341.230

§  GEWA Air cello case white 341.240

o   Instruments

§  VL1-4 Pcs. (4/4-1/4),Violine

§  VL2-2 Pcs. (4/4-3/4),Violine

§  VC1+VC2-je 1 Pcs. (4/4),Cello

§  Je 1 Pcs.  Germania,Georg Walther,Rubner Cello(4/4)

§  Je 2 Pcs.  Germania,Georg Walther Violine(4/4)

§  All three Novita E-violins + one Custom Shop (choose your color)

§  Bows to try the instruments 

§  3x Headphones Aplha Audio 170.940


What is the importance of Cremona Musica in your business?

Cremona Musica has an international and worldwide profile. It is a great opportunity for us, also considering we are the Italian branch of the company.