What do you need to win a contest like the Tchaikovsky competition

Alessandro Tommasi, member of Cremona Musica's Media Lounge, has been in Moscow for the Tchaikovsky Competition, one of the most prestigious in the world. On this occasion he had the opportunity to interview one of the judges of the piano section, Michel Béroff, to talk about what is needed to win a competition like this. We publish here a short part of the interview, but you can find the complete interview here on Le Salon Musical.

"A competition is not a normal situation, you must be able to bear these situations. Some great musicians can, some cannot. They did not suit this road, but this does not mean they were not great musicians! Generally speaking, I think that if a musician is honest (as every good musician is), he will be able to choose a repertoire that suits the requisites of the competition, but without asking yourself "what should I show?". Just play the music you love, that you feel comfortable playing. The rest of the job is up to the jury. Obviously this is easy just in theory, the reality is much more complicated, but this is my way, and I think you could follow it in the competitions too".