How violin changes the life of a prisoner

BBC released an interesting podcast about the story of the violin teacher Tito Quiroz and Arturo, a prisoner that changed his life thanks to violin lessons in prison. The story began when Tito saw a man waving from the window of the prison, and waved back. This happened almost every day. He did not know it was a juvenile prison and that the guy waving was Arturo, and he had been convicted for having helped his uncle hiding a dead body. Soon, Tito learned that the prison was looking for a music teacher, and he, being unemployed, decided to apply. At the beginning he was not getting the attention he needed in order to teach, so he decided to reveal his identity: he was the guy who used to wave back from outside. Then everything changed, even if it was not so easy anyway. The interview deals with all Tito's story, from his first approach with violin to the concert organized in jail for the family of prisoners. Arturo, one of the protagonists of the story, then left the prison and started studying violin and performing, even in front of important audiences.


To listen all the story, click here