The first Italian masterclass by Bensusan, the 50th anniversary of Woodstock and much more: the preview of the Acoustic Guitar Village 2019

The first Italian masterclass by Pierre Bensusan, historical exhibitions and much live music featuring  Jeff Pevar, Paul Stowe, Trevor Morris and many more Italian and International guests. The preview of the programme of the hall of Cremona Musica devoted to guitars.

For three days Cremona will not just be the “City of violins”, but also a land of guitars, thanks to the fourth edition of the Acoustic Guitar Village. Jeff Pevar, Pierre Bensusan, Paul Stowe, and Trevor Morris are just some of the names that will enliven the 2019 edition of the hall of Cremona Musica devoted to guitars, coordinated by Alessio Ambrosi.

Cremona Musica (27-29 September 2019) is a one-of-a-kind event in the world, that combines the business side of a typical exhibition with the artistic side of a great International festival, for an event that summons to the City of violin all music lovers, amateurs and professionals, musicians and producers of musical instruments. The event will bring to the “music valley” not just the best high-quality musical instrument makers in the world, but also International artists and journalists, for an extraordinary event. Cremona is the world capital of music, and with Cremona Musica it becomes a meeting point where passion is shared and lived, where people meet, new ideas and business opportunities are born, and you can live music in all its aspects.

The registrations for the masterclasses of the Acoustic Guitar Village 2019 are now open, both for didactics and lutherie, a classic and unmissable event to analyze the most up-to-date themes in the world of guitars.  



The French-Algerian guitarist Pierre Bensusan is one of the protagonists of this edition. This will be his first masterclass in Italy. A multi-awarded and esteemed musician of world music, Bensusan is holding a three-day masterclass about the DADGAD tuning, of which he is the most important player in the world. The program of the didactic masterclass is completed by Michelangelo “Micki” Piperno, world-renowned teacher and musician. His lessons will be focused on stylistic enhancement.



For the masterclasses of lutherie three teachers from overseas have been called. The American Ken Parker is holding a series of lessons about the “Evolving tradition”, the American Dana Bourgeois is explaining how to “Give voice to the traditional steel-wire guitar”, while the Canadian Michael Greenfield is speaking about both guitar-making and the management of work and workshop.


All the masterclasses are conceived for all levels of students, from amateurs to experts, and are translated into Italian. The registrations are open until September on this website:




The Acoustic Guitar Village is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Woodstock with a live event that is culminating with a performance by Jeff Pevar, David Crosby’s guitarist. The live music program is enriched by the contest “New sounds of acoustic music”, the VII Italian Bluegrass Meeting (with bands from all over Italy and special guests Paul Stowe and Trevor Morris), the Bob Brozman Memorial Slide Contest, and Corde & Voci d’Autore, the show for guitarists-songwriters.

There will also be three special events: one about the classical guitar, the second workshop “Guitar in Italy between XIX and XX centuries” and the workshop about the slide guitar “Slide a go-go”. The program is completed by three historical exhibitions, “The slide guitar, sliding on the strings”, “Guitars over the centuries”, and “Music is our life”, devoted to ethnic instruments from all over the world.

In 2018 Cremona Musica hosted 320 exhibitors, more than half of whom from abroad, and more than 160 events, for an all-around program that brought more than 18,000 visitors to the “City of violins”. Cremona Musica is organized in five thematic halls: Mondomusica (strings), which also hosts music publishers, Piano Experience (pianos), Acoustic Guitar Village (guitars), Cremona Winds (winds), and Accordion Show (accordions).