Three centuries of history of piano in an exhibition, at Cremona Musica

Cremona Musica is hosting from 28 to 30 September the exhibition Italian Piano Experience, a unique opportunity to discover the history of this instruments, from Cristofori to Fazioli.


The exhibition “Italian Piano Experience: da Cristofori a Fazioli” arrives at Cremona Musica, after the success of the presentation at the World Arts Center, in Beijing, in May: it is a unique exhibition of keyboard instruments of the Italian tradition, conceived by Cremona Musica, in collaboration with Bizzi Strumenti Storici a Tastiera and Fazioli Pianoforti, coordinated by Claudio Brizi with Guido and Lorenzo Bizzi, to celebrate the Italian origins of piano, one of the great protagonists of the history of music, that was invented in Italy, at the beginning of the XVIII century, from an idea by Bartolomeo Cristofori.

The exhibition includes harpsichords, clavichords, fortepianos, including the first modern replica of the Cristofori’s fortepiano, and the modern Fazioli pianos: Fazioli is one of the most renowned piano brands in the world, a protagonist of Cremona Musica Piano Experience since the beginning.

The exhibition will be open during all the three days of Cremona Musica (28-30 September). The experience will be enriched by a presentation conference, that is taking place on Sunday 30 September, at 1,30 pm, at Cremona Musica’s Area Edizioni Musicali, with live performances by the harpsichordist and fortepiano player Emilia Fadini and the harpsichordist and organist Claudio Brizi, an opportunity to “taste” the sound of the different keyboards and to understand their history.


Instruments on display:

- Bizzi’s replica of a French Double Manual Harpsichord "Goermans Taskin"

- Bizzi Harpsichord "Continuo"

- Bizzi’s replica of Clavichord "Hubert 1784"

- Bizzi’s replica of a Fortepiano "Walter 1789"

- Fortepiano "Cristofori"

- 1774 Pianoforte Violi

- ‘500 Italian harpsichord

- 1870  harmonino Debain

- Fazioli pianos F 183, F 212, F 228, F 278, F 308 (at Sala Guarneri) 


Parts of instruments:

- Rough soundboard of a harpsichord

- Example of structure and keyboard of a fortepiano "Stein"

- Keyboard of a French harpsichord

- Jacks of a harpsichord

- Wooden structure of a F212 piano

- Wooden details of Fazioli pianos