Cremona Musica the Media Lounge, with many novelties

Following the success of the latest edition, Cremona Musica will host again in 2018 its Media Lounge, a group of 40 journalists from all around the world, that will not just tell what is happening during the three days of the Fair but will also be among the protagonists, taking part in some events.

The Media Lounge, conceived by the South African musician and producer Andreas Kern, aims to share ideas and considerations among a group of professional music disseminators coming from all around the world and working in different fields (press, radio, TV, web) in order to develop new collaborations and projects. The evolution of journalism, the new formats, and the challenges faced by those that communicate classical music are just some of the topics that will enliven the Media Lounge.

All the members will have their space in the new “Media Lounge” room, a conference hall acoustically isolated, with around 80 seats, in the Padiglione 2.

The room is also hosting two public meetings of the Media Lounge members, scheduled on Friday 28 September and Saturday 29 September, at 10 am.


Media Lounge Meeting 1: "New formats, new media"

Friday 28, from 10 to 11.15, Media Lounge.

Media Lounge Meeting 2: “Global Association of Media Music Professionals"

Saturday 29, from 10 to 11, Media Lounge


The Media Lounge is also hosting many presentations of books and musical projects. The complete programme is available here:


Round Tables

This year the Media Lounge room is hosting two roundtables dedicated to music production and dissemination:

- “Fundraising and Audience building”, Saturday 29 September at 15:

- “Classical Radio Meeting”, Sunday 30 September at 10:


All the events taking place in the Media Lounge room will be broadcasted live on Facebook, on Cremona Musica’s Facebook Page.


The members of the Media Lounge 2018:

Andreas Kern pianist, media operator, Media Lounge conceiver

Serhan Bali Andante Magazine (Turkey) Chief Editor

Roman Berchenko Orpheus Radio, Moscow

Karsten Beatsy The Strad

Edward Blakeman BBC 3

Federico Capitoni La Repubblica

Sandro Cappelletto La Stampa

Paola Carruba RADIO RAI - special projects and marketing

Nicola Cattò Musica, Director

Luca Ciammarughi Radio Classica

Giulio Cinelli

Martin Hoffmeister MDR Radio Leipzig

Christoph Hiller Bayerisches Rundfunk

Geoffrey John Davis theviolinchannel

Luca Iavarone Fanpage

Stuart Isacoff Wall Street Journal - Musical America

Christian Lloyd The Strad, Chief Editor

Evgenia Krivitskaia Musical Life (Russia), Chief Editor

Aleksander Laskowski Polish Radio

Massimo Lombardi Venice Classic Radio

Valentina Lo Surdo RAI - Radio3

Luca Lucibello Archi Magazine

Gianluigi Mattietti Classic Voice

Duilio Meucci Suonare News

Filippo Michelangeli Suonare News, Direttore

Lorenzo Papacci Quinte Parallele

Paola Parri

Andreas Pehl WDR Radio - Köln

Cécile Prakken BRAVA - Stingray TV representative

Serena Roberti Silhouette - La Freccia

Justo Romero Revista Scherzo

Christian Salerno

Gaetano Santangelo Amadeus, Direttore

Tohru Sase Sarasate (Chief editor)

Erich Schoones Pianist magazine (Chief editor)

John Thomas FretBoard journal

Alessandro Tommasi Amadeus

Matti Tuomisto Rondo magazine

Robert Turnball International Piano

David Wärn