Petrof, the largest European piano brand, makes its debut at Cremona Musica Piano Experience

This year, for the first time, the historical Czech piano brand Petrof is exhibiting at Cremona Musica Piano Experiece, thank to the collaboration between CremonaFiere and Czech Trade. On Sunday 30 September they will also host the concert of the pianist Alvaro Siviero. To know better this European giant of piano we interviewed  Adam Prousek, Petrof's marketing manager.


Petrof is currently the largest piano factory in Europe. Can you tell us how Petrof started its business activity and how it has developed until today?

The PETROF company has been operating in the factory in Hradec Králové since 1864. The company is run by a Czech family and is currently headed by Mgr. Zuzana Ceralová Petrofová, representative of the fifth generation of the Petrof family. A lot has happened since 1864 when Antonín Petrof built his first piano. The main values on which the company has built its reputation, however, remain the same. To this day, people appreciate the careful manufacturing of the instruments, which stand out for their rounded romantic tone, excellent surface finish, and timeless construction. The PETROF company is considered the main innovator in this industry. In 2007, the company received the European Excellence certificate (EEX), which guarantees European origin of the materials used and premium quality of the products. The PETROF company distributes its upright and grand pianos to 65 countries in 5 continents.

Which other brands belong to the Petrof piano family?

One of the company’s essential aims is to offer our customers a wide range of options so that everyone can choose his own instrument. Apart from the PETROF and ANT. PETROF brands, the company also owns the following brands: Weinbach, Rösler, Scholze, Fibich, Ant. Dalibor and AKORD. All these traditional brands produced in Czechoslovakia have gradually been included in PETROF’s portfolio.

What are your most innovative pianos?

The most innovative pianos are those that carry the exclusive brand ANT. PETROF, which was developed as a memory and honor to the founder Antonín Petrof. The brand family ANT. PETROF includes two grand pianos and one upright piano. Its evolution took over five years of development and two years of testing. The instruments have brought many innovations to the piano-making craft, some of them were even patented. The brand symbolises completely new construction, first class materials and careful processing.

What is your philosophy regarding the piano constructions?

In the very beginning, the company founder Antonín Petrof himself incorporated his own ideas into the making of his grand and upright pianos. In the course of the firm’s further development, there followed a time when our own Department of Research and Development adopted all kinds of changes and innovations. With devotion, humility and respect, we work on perfecting the experience of piano makers handed down from generation to generation. At the same time, we work together with universities and research centres both at home and abroad.

Do you also experiment with new materials?

PETROF is traditionally regarded as an innovator in the production of acoustic pianos. In 1954, we set up the Department of Research and Development, which still exists today. Thanks to the methodical application of its specialists and the collaboration of other technological staff, we can test new materials which we use in making our pianos. For example, we used a thermally modified piano soundboard in an upright piano and we have proven that it excels with exquisite features of durability and permanence.

You are taking part in Cremona Musica for the first time. What attracts you about exhibiting at Cremona Piano Experience and what are your expectations?

The main purpose of our first participation in Cremona Musica is to support our sales in Italy, gain new contacts and meet our business partners as well as new customers. Every attendance at a fair brings new opportunities and ideas and enables us to spread awareness of our brand in new markets.