Twelve of the best Italian bands for Cremona Musica's bands show

On 29 and 30 September, Cremona Musica is hosting a great bands show, one of the most anticipated events of Cremona Winds, the hall of the fair devoted to wind instruments. On a specific stage, the Band Stage, twelve of the best Italian bands will perform from 11 to 18.

The Bands Show pays homage to one of the most traditional Italian musical realities, a world that is recently evolving, thanks to the entrance of many young and conservatory-educated musicians. Many conservatories have now courses dedicated to the bands’ instruments.

The programme is the following:


29 September

11: Corpo Musicale Gioacchino Rossini di Palazzago

12: Banda Civica Musicale di Soncino

14: Gruppo Bandistico Pradalunga

15: Corpo Musicale Canonico Cossali di Ghisalba

16: Corpo Musicale Almenno San Salvatore

17: Corpo Musicale di Gromo


30 September

11: Corpo Bandistico San Gottardo di Calcio

12: Corpo Musicale Vapriese

14: Corpo Musicale di Bariano

15: Corpo Musicale di Castelfranco di Rogno

16: Corpo Musicale Pio XI di Villa d’Almè

17: Fanfara Città dei Mille


The band show is organized with the collaboration of the Accademia Italiana del Clarinetto.