Piano Experience, AIARP and much more: an interview with Luciano Del Rio

Luciano Del Rio, one of the most expert tuning specialists in Italy, president of AIARP, the Italian association of piano tuners and repairers, for 24 years, owner of the historical piano shop of Reggio Emilia “Casa Musicale Del Rio”, is one of the founders of Cremona Piano Experience. We interviewed him to know more about his association and activities.

Mr. Del Rio, can you tell us how the Casa Musicale Del Rio is born?

Casa Musicale Del Rio was funded by my father Augusto in 1924, as a workshop to repair pianos. In 1935 we started selling to, not just pianos, but also music, records, and accessories, as in our original project. After my technical studies, in 1964 I went to Anelli, in Cremona, to start working as a technician, under the supervision of Comm. Gino Nazzari. I can proudly say that, with the entrance in the business of my wife and my two doughters, we reached the third generation.


You are the president of AIARP: can you tell us what are your main activities?

I am being the president for 24 year, and since the beginning I worked to show the professionality of our members, since I always noted the total indifference of the Institutions, that not even recognize the profession of technicians.


What opportunities does AIARP give for the formation of the tuners?

AIARP organizes every year training courses to improve the technical skills of our members, but most of all we help the youngers that, since they do not know how to learn this job, goes abroad for at least three years, with all the connected problems, or they need to find a generous techinician that let them enter the workshop.

With AIARP, you are among the founders of Cremona Piano Experience: how is this idea born?

I always attended with AIARP all the musical instruments fairs, from Ancona to Rimini, from Rho to Bologna, and I always noted the total incompetence of the organizers about the technical requirements of this instrument. I met the Director of CremonaFiere, Massimo Bianchedi, who gave credit to my ideas: isolating the exhibition of pianos in a specific hall.


This is the seventh edition of Cremona Piano Experience: as you lived all of them, how did this event evolve?

I am more that happy about the growth of this event, year after year, both for the number of visitors and exhibitors.

What are your expectations for the upcoming edition of Cremona Musica and Piano Experience?

Cremona Musica is becoming an International hall for musical instruments. It already is the most important event of its kind in Italy, with the presence of many foreign brands, without understimating the contribute of the high-quality events, such as masterclasses, conferences, presentation, Piano recitalas with great soloists: seeing so many musicians asking to perform at Cremona Musica Piano Experience gives me a lot of satisfaction.