Eric Kremer, of Kremer Pigmente, presented at Cremona Musica the most important products of the brand, including both modern and traditional pigments and raw materials.


We visited Schilbach's space at Cremona Musica to discover the product and tools for lutherie and restoration they presented.


This year Cremona Musica hosted the Greek company Luthieros, that produces ancient Greek intruments. Behind each of them there is a long research to make them as authentic as possible. We interviewed Theodore, to know more:


Anima Nova is an innovative adjustable sound post for strings. Pal Molnar showed how it works.


A journey through the string by Du Bois A La Musique, exhibitors at Cremona Musica 2018.


How should an high-quality string be made? We talked about this with a Swiss company specialized in strings for string instruments, For-Tune Strings.



Sven Henrik Gawron took us into the world of Kontrabasspunkt, a company specalized in double basses, from ancient to electric ones.



This year Cremona Musica hosted also Music Gift, a Portuguese brand that produces pillows, bags, all sort of items dedicated to music. We interviewed its owner.


The brothers Alexander and Thomas Grünert show us their collection of ancient double basses, exhibited also at Cremona Musica.


Ada Dimbath, manager of the German cases company Soundwear, took us in their boot, arranged as an airplane, to show us thier newest products.





The manager of the German company of accessories for strings, C.A. Götz jr., showed us their best selling products they have been exhibiting in Cremona since the first edition of the fair.


Nicolas Despiau, CEO of Despiau Chevalets, introduced us in the world of bridges to explain their impact on the final sound of the violin and to tell us why is Cremona Musica so important to them.



Bohdan Warchal jr, from the strings-making company Warchal, told us their history and their impressions about Cremona Musica: "I really like that Cremona Musica is focused of acoustic instruments, so we can appreciate the real sound".


Mondomusica not only hosts the best violin makers in the world, but also some of the most prestigious dealers, includind the London based firm J & A Beare. In this video Joseph Kroner let us in their boot, showing their most precious violins. 


Bois de Lutherie Aigresse is a Belgian firm the produces woods for lutherie. In this interview realized at Cremona Musica they explain their product and the reason they have exhibited at Cremona Musica for 15 years.