Innovation and personality. Interview with Tiranti Fisarmoniche

by Ruben Marzà

A young and enterprising brand, Tiranti Fisarmoniche has been able to emerge in the rich panorama of Castelfidardo thanks to the innovation and customization of its instruments. We interviewed the founder, Marco Tiranti, who this year will present the brand for the first time at Cremona Musica, as part of the now consolidated Accordion Show.


How was Tiranti Fisarmoniche born?

I started my career as a tuner: at 16 I started to work in the workshops, to learn the trade. I started working for numerous companies, including prestigious ones, in Castelfidardo, and from the nineties I also combined assistance and repairs with tuning. Finally, in 2008 we started producing our instruments, under the Euphonia brand, also thanks to a patent filed by me - an innovative tuning of the high pitches.


Was it difficult to find your way in an environment, that of Castelfidardo, where the accordion is now an institution?

I do not deny that today the market is rather saturated, and it is not easy to make your way through the thousands of competitors: but in my experience the customer is always looking for something new and particular, and above all he wants an instrument that is as personalized as possible. If you can meet this need, then you can also carve out a slice of the market; otherwise, by focusing on a line of commercial products, there is no space, there are already too many stronger companies, in Italy as well as abroad. Instead, it is necessary to specialize in order to respond to very narrow market niches, but capable of giving great satisfaction.


Which musicians are your instruments ideally aimed at? The classical, jazz, or maybe dance music accordionist...

I would start by saying that, in my opinion, there is no accordion, but accordions: every music must be given its own instrument, with peculiar characteristics, whether you do folk, jazz or classical. I must say that our clients are mainly placed on the jazz side, sometimes folk; less frequently popular dance music.


The presence of accordions is now a guarantee for the Cremona fair, a city traditionally linked to the world of violin making ...

I must say that this intrigued me a lot; but I also believe that the accordion knows how to blend very well with the most ancient Cremonese instruments. On the contrary, I hope that moments like this will help to show the accordion in a more noble guise (allow me the term), not just as a folk instrument or in folk music and dance. We must let the new generations discover all the infinite possibilities of our instrument; perhaps some sort of a celebrity endorsement would also help, especially for young people, something that has not happened so far.


What will we find at the Tiranti Fisarmoniche stand in Cremona?

We will bring professional instruments for all genres to Cremona, from jazz to classical to dance music. We strongly believe that every dimension of music has equal dignity and therefore deserves equally personalized and performing instruments. Music is always beautiful when played well, but the instrument always makes and will make a difference.