Pigini's first time at Cremona Musica 2022

by Salvatore Sclafani

Since 1946, the family-run company Pigini, founded in Castelfidardo (AN), has been building accordions with skill and passion. All over the world, a Pigini instrument is a guarantee of reliability and quality in classical performance and versatility in other musical genres.

We asked Francesca Pigini, the company's marketing and creative development manager, which accordions Pigini will exhibit at Cremona Musica 2022, but above all to tell us their story.


What are you preparing for Cremona Musica?

We are very happy to exhibit at Cremona Musica: it is our first participation in the fair. We will have our best instruments, lutherie works made in Italy. Our top instruments will be present: the Nova and Sirius accordions (free bass models), Polaris (standard), and other models.


Which accordions do you propose to the public?

We have two distinct lines: convertor and standard. In our production, an important role is occupied by convertor instruments, with free basses, intended for classical music concerts, particularly suitable for ensembles with strings or in the symphonic repertoire. They are our flagship, accordions with great versatility and a rounded sound, capable of meeting the requirements of top performers. 

In parallel, we also work carefully on standard models, suitable for jazz, pop, country, folk, or other entertainment music repertoires.


How did you get started in the construction of concert instruments?

My grandfather, Filippo Pigini, and his sons started this adventure in 1946, in Castelfidardo (AN). At first, they made standard instruments; then, in the 1970s, thanks to my father, Gino Pigini, a collaboration began with great teachers from northern Europe, who considered the accordion as a classical instrument, to be introduced into orchestras. This was fortunate, as it allowed the company to learn more about the technical characteristics of the classical and contemporary accordion. This is how Pigini perfected a new accordion model, which turned out to be our spearhead for the future.

This path has gone hand in hand with the increasing presence of accordion courses in Italian conservatories. By now, this instrument has emerged from its former Cinderella status.


Where does the market for your instruments focus most?

Our market has an international scope and we export ninety percent of our production worldwide; a lot of demand comes from Europe, as well as from the countries of the former Yugoslavia, but also America and South Africa. Our accordions are a niche product, a jewel built in Italy, in Castelfidardo, and appreciated on an international scale.

From Copenhagen to Hanover to Paris, several European conservatories now have a Pigini accordion in their stock of instruments. And very often, moreover, it is the young students themselves who want one of our instruments.


Why do great artists choose your instruments?

Models dedicated to the 'art music' repertoire are a fundamental part of our history. It was a choice made by my father and his generation to confront the great teachers of the time, experts in the performance practice of the classical accordion. Their input was fundamental in making improvements to the instruments and, in this sense, the company has worked ahead of its time: the constant dialogue with classical performers has allowed Pigini to distinguish itself from other companies. We often deal with visionary artists, performers, teachers, or composers with clear, concrete, and forward-looking projects that inspire us to bring original innovations to our instruments.

Ours is a true passion for art and we build our instruments driven by this feeling, which has accompanied our work for more than seventy years now. Our company relies on an articulate and effective organisation, with skilled craftsmen and extremely specialised personnel. Moreover, the craft is passed on from generation to generation: in the workshop, experts teach the younger ones how to use materials, from wood to metal. Certainly, this is one of the distinctive aspects of Pigini, an added value that gives us an edge.


How important is Cremona Musica for your business?

For some time now, we have been following the activities of Cremona Musica to keep up to date with the latest news from the world of violin making and music in general. I have personally visited the fair for a few years now and I have appreciated the efforts made by the organisers to make the accordion known. Cremona Musica has always been a fundamental event for violin making, and I note further growth that bodes well for the future.

We feel very much involved in our participation and we want to reciprocate, with our commitment, the welcome of the organisation, so favourable and willing to host us. We hope to continue this collaboration!