Ciresa, Resonance Piano and Opere Sonore, quality and innovation based on an ancient material

by Salvatore Sclafani


Ciresa certainly occupies a prominent place among the most loyal exhibitors at Cremona Musica, with its high-quality wood from Fiemme Valley. Also this year, the company will be present at the fair with a wide range of products, after having presented the upright and grand piano models of the Resonance Piano during the 2019 and 2021 editions.

We, therefore, interviewed Fabio Ognibeni to learn about the latest developments in this visionary project and to find out more about the other activities Ciresa is involved in.


What will Ciresa present at Cremona Musica 2022? 

As in 2021, our Resonance Piano models will be on display in the Piano Experience section. We would like to continue to make the instrument known and allow the public to try it out. In addition, we will be present with our wood and all products from the violin-making sector, as we have been for more than 20 years now.


How is the innovative Resonance Piano project evolving?

At the moment, we are working on making this product known and increasing its distribution, which are not easy goals for a relatively small company like Ciresa. 

It is such an innovative instrument that many people still don't know about and that needs to be tried, played, and experienced. And when customers discover it, they are highly impressed by its versatility.

The Resonance Piano is aimed at pianists and musicians wishing to own a piano of a high standard, without having to set aside large sums for the purchase of a grand piano and its maintenance. These potential customers, who are nonetheless looking for an important instrument, find in the Resonance Piano a more accessible and immediate solution: with moderate investment, the Resonance Piano, with its soundboard made of spruce from the Val di Fiemme, is a quality alternative to the more common digital piano, amplified by a loudspeaker. Moreover, it offers a ten-year warranty and, given its special features, possesses great longevity. 


Ciresa has always operated under the banner of a fruitful balance between tradition and innovation. The Opere Sonore project eloquently expresses this dimension. Can you tell us about it?

This product, patented in 2007 after three years of design and research, is a source of great pride for our market. For the first time, the art of violin making and electroacoustic technology have been combined to create an amplification system that resonates only through wood, without loudspeakers. We were the first in the world to exploit the resonance of wood in this way.

The Opere Sonore make it possible to listen to music 'played' by a soundboard at home instead of being reproduced by a loudspeaker. They allow an extremely natural listening experience, thanks to the use of wood (the same wood used to build Stradivari's violins), compared to the much more widespread hi-fi system, based on the vibration of plastic membranes.

I like to call Opere Sonore musical instruments... of listening. Unlike a classical instrument, you don't need to learn how to play them: just press play to transform the sound environment around you.

Moreover, they are elegant design objects that can be placed as you like in the home environment and are aesthetically pleasing.


What role does Cremona Musica play for your business?

It is an important moment of aggregation and visibility for the world of violin making, but also for exhibitors of other musical instruments such as pianos, accordions, wind instruments, etc.

Moreover, this year's edition is even more significant given the closing of the Musikmesse in Frankfurt.

At the moment, Cremona Musica is the most visited musical instrument fair in Europe, and we at Ciresa are loyal exhibitors, even from before the event came to the current trade fair district, when it was still located in Piazza Giovanni XXIII.


What is the added value of the materials used by Ciresa?

Definitely the spruce of the Val di Fiemme; the quality of this wood is testified not only by its use through centuries of violin making, but also by the most recent technological investigations and scientific measurements, which show that this material is extremely elastic and light. And lightness is an important quality in our craft.

Another important aspect is the regularity of the spruce fibre, with very tight growth rings, also due to the northern exposure of the forests. This derives from the particular way in which the forests in the valley have been cultivated over the centuries: the local populations, in fact, practised 'fratta' cuts in different areas, in order to keep the forest even and dense, to encourage regular growth. This contributed to creating a unique natural environment.


What is the main market for your products? 

The size of our market is international and includes professional luthiers as well as amateurs and hobbyists. Through internet contacts, apart from Italian customers who can more easily visit us, we reach all over the world, from Australia to South Africa, from the Americas to Asia and of course all over Europe.