John Monteleone, Carlo Aonzo (and many more) among the protagonists of the masterclasses of the Acoustic Guitar Village

Waiting for the program for next 23, 24 and 25 September, here are some anticipation from the world of the guitar, represented in the Acoustic Guitar Village, which again this year will present the large exhibition area of ​​acoustic, classical, and modern guitars, with the presence of further plectrum and plucked instruments, accessories and a rich calendar of concerts, events and three important masterclasses. The masterclasses will deal with guitar lutherie, teaching and playing techniques for acoustic guitar and playing techniques for mandolin.

The guitar masterclass will be held by John Monteleone, who will also be celebrated at the Violin Museum with the Cremona Musica Award. Monteleone will be together with the equally esteemed Swiss luthiers Claudio and Claudia Pagelli and the luthier Rosalba De Bonis, a descendant of the famous family of luthiers De Bonis. They will speak in particular about the construction of the strumming guitar.

The second masterclass of guitar playing technique is focused on the “strumming” guitar and acoustic guitar in Italian popular music, with the presence of the conservatory teacher Micki Piperno and the great artist Francesco Loccisano

In addition, a new third masterclass will be entirely dedicated to the mandolin and to the improvement of playing techniques, conducted by the renowned international master and performer Carlo Aonzo.


Luthiers CLAUDIO and CLAUDIA PAGELLI (Switzerland)

They are probably among the greatest contemporary luthiers. We can consider their arch-top guitars among the best in the world. Two visionaries, inventors, and artists capable of giving decisive forms to a wood that bends to their will.


Master luthier JOHN MONTELEONE (USA)

Recognized as one of the best living arch-top guitar and mandolin builders in the world, John Monteleone has been at the forefront of their production for many years. His tools, with their unique design, are the ultimate in artistic expression that is reflected in the subtle but stimulating marriage of form and function.


Ma luthier ROSALBA DE BONIS (Italy)

Her intervention focuses on the strumming guitar, a typical and unique Italian instrument. She has been building guitars for 25 years following and innovating the method that his family has used for centuries to build stringed musical instruments and in particular guitars, that of fire and heat, a method that can be compared to the one of the very famous lutherie of Cremona. Today, she builds classical guitars and strumming guitars of great value, renewing the tradition of strumming, the true Italian guitar.



Guitarist and Fingerstyle acoustic guitarist, teacher, and composer, internationally renowned. He teaches at the first institutional course in Italy of folk acoustic guitar at the A.Casella dell’Aquila Conservatory and of fingerstyle pop guitar at the G. Braga Conservatory of Teramo. Multifaceted composer, he works for Cinema, TV, and Theater. He has also collaborated for educational articles with the specialized magazines Guitarre, Ax, Accordo and published for Sinfonica Jazz, Edizioni Carish and



He was born and raised in Calabria and began his guitar studies in 1985. His innate talent and great passion for the strumming guitar led him to structure his own personal compositional, interpretative and executive style to the point of restoring artistic centrality to an instrument that, in origin, it had the role of accompaniment to singing. Thanks to this operation, the strumming guitar today enjoys a new and contemporary repertoire without neglecting its origins and belonging and Francesco Loccisano is considered by critics as the undisputed innovator. To date, he is the strumming guitar teacher at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Catanzaro.



Internationally renowned Italian mandolinist, after graduating in mandolin with full marks and honors at the Padua Conservatory in 1993, he has collaborated with prestigious institutions such as the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, the Nashville Chamber Orchestra (USA), McGill Chamber Orchestra of Montreal (Canada), Philarmonia of Saint Petersburg (Russia), Chamber Soloists of Minsk (Belarus), Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival (Germany).

He is often invited as musical director and teacher by the most important international mandolin institutions, in 2006 he founded the Italian International Mandolin Academy of which he is still the director, an institution in continuous expansion with new activities. Since 2020 he has been teaching at the “G. Frescobaldi ”of Ferrara.



The initiatives are limited in number and the deadline for registration is September 15th

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