Voci Armoniche, behind a high-quality reed

This year the Accordion Show will host one of the most important brands of reed for accordions and harmonicas, Voci Armoniche. Its products can be found in the most important instruments, but their production is 100% made in Italy. During the Accordion Show, the visitors will also be able to enjoy the presentation of their new high-end product, Blue Star. Waiting to meet them in Cremona, we interviewed Lorenzo Antonelli to find out more about their business.


Your company was born by the merging of two historical brands, why did you take this decision?

The merging of two historical brands was decided in order to face the new challenges together and with more resources, to make the investments that were needed. We chose the future, starting a long and difficult reorganization to guarantee quality and constant improvements.


What are the peculiarities of reeds like yours?

In short, the presence of high acoustic potential. For the reeds, quality is a positive concept: it means the presence of elements that qualify and mark the reeds for their overall acoustic value and their expressive potential, not the absence of basic elements that simply make them work well, that should never be missing. We can say that one of the most important aspects in the crafting of a free-reed aerophone instrument is to "draw out" the potential of the reeds. So, the more potential the reeds have, the more potential can be drawn out. The quality of the reeds lies in their acoustic potential. We can define the acoustic potential as the excellence in what defines the sound in its acoustic aspects, such as the timbre and the intensity; and in the functional aspects, such as ductility, usability, and overall coherence.


Your products are 100% made in Italy. How important is this in terms of production and quality?

“100% made in Italy” is in our identity. It means coherence, valorizing, developing, and keeping alive a tradition of quality, without considering it a utility. It means that our entire production, from A to Z, is made here in Italy. This is our choice to make sure that we can check every phase of the production, constantly.


In which accordions can we find your reeds?

In most of the greatest brands of accordions and harmonicas, all around the world.


What are the opportunities guaranteed by the participation at Cremona Musica and the Accordion Show for a brand like yours?

This year in Cremona we will present our new and innovative series of reeds, BlueStar, the top of our production. With our presence, we want to support an event, like the Accordion Show, that is taking place in Italy, in Cremona, so it can represent an important point of reference for musicians and brands in our field.