A Special Edition of Cremona Musica

The new edition of Cremona Musica will be a special one. This year, on September 26 and 27, CREMONA MUSICA SPECIAL EDITION is replacing the classical Cremonese event. Cremona Musica exits the pavillions of the Cremona Exhibitions Centre, with both cultural events and business-oriented digital initiatives to connect the vast network of professionals and institutions naturally involved in the exhibition.

The decision was taken to support and encourage the sector of music in this difficult moment and meet the need of the international network of Cremona Musica.

"The strong desire of working hard to give voice to the sector and the awareness of the central role played by Cremona Musica have encouraged us to work hard to organize the Exhibition also, and in particular, in this difficult moment - explained Roberto Biloni, president of CremonaFiere -. However, considering that 64% of our exhibitors come from abroad, the evolution of the health emergency at an international level doesn't enable us to hold an Exhibition turning out to be as successful as the Cremonese event has always been. We feel therefore obliged to cancel 2020 Exhibition, at least in its traditional format and we'll relaunch with a new formula that will involve the whole territory, also thanks to the great contribution of local institutions.

Cremona Musica is the global reference point for high-quality musical instruments. For this reason, we had the responsibility of performing our central role also, and in particular, in such a difficult year. Hoping that the general health situation would soon improve, we have carried on the organization of the Exhibition. In fact, it seemed possible to perform it regularly, even with the adoption of necessary preventive measures. The Exhibition has always been characterized by the perfect balance of art, culture and international business but considering the global health emergency, it is not reasonable to rely on the traditional format to offer an exhibition that could be as effective and successful as it has always been".

CREMONA MUSICA SPECIAL EDITION is therefore born from the need of giving market a reference point and from the will of CremonaFiere to prepare and launch a great edition of 2021, when Cremona Musica will be again the unique and engaging Cremonese experience that we all know and where we could finally meet each other and share the emotion of being part of the event. All this will be possible also thanks to the synergy with the city and our territory, homeland to historical violin-making masters and composers. Next September there will be several initiatives, such as: contests, performances, presentations and concerts taking place both at Cremona Exhibition Centre and in the prestigious location of our city in order to meet the needs of a wide audience of music lovers and to provide companies with a digital business-oriented showcase. The international audience will be involved also through the promotional program of the Exhibition and the direct involvement of sector professionals.