Go back to playing the piano thanks to special technological gloves

79-year-old Carlos Martins is an internationally renowned pianist, known for being one of Johann Sebastian Bach's greatest performers. Struck by a neuro-degenerative disease, for twenty years he could no longer perform but special ultra-technological gloves allowed him to return to play.

His greeting problems have forced him to quit for a long time: 21 years. Due to his illness he had lost peripheral movements and the use of his hands.

Luckly, Ubirat Bizarro learned about his story and decided to try and help him. He created a blond glove that towed upwards of the musician's finger after he put pressure on the tasty piano, and treated them up until the next pressure.

“I can play the piano, I can play fast as if I were no longer sick. I can put all my fingers on the keyboard" declared Martins very happy. He is already planning his return to the world of concerts, with a show at Carnegie Hall next October: 60 years after his first performance in that temple of music.