The little prince of the keyboard

He has been playing the piano since he was seven years old, Matteo Pomposelli. Now he has fourteen and is a "little prince" of the keyboard, ready to conquer stages and audiences in the world. He is from Rome (and Romanist), lives there with his family. He grew up on bread, sports and music. "At the beginning I did many sports: football, swimming, tennis, and even piano lessons. At one point I had to choose, they were too many activities. I had no doubts: I chose music". Today he studies up to nine hours a day.

Next to the captain Francesco Totti his myths are Rachmaninov, Chopin, Haydn. At ten years old his first solo concert at the Sala Baldini in Rome, and two years ago he was applauded at Carnegie Hall in New York.

Matteo Pomposelli's fingers twirl on the keys, twirl as in a dance, at times pawing, then they almost calm down to caress the notes. It is divided between Rome and Puglia. In Rome he attends the linguistic high school, but from Thursday he moves to Trani to follow the lessons at the Aldo Ciccolini European Arts Academy. "Music is an art, whether you like it or not. For me it is a way of being in the world ». Still, there is always a hint of anxiety around the corner: "When I have a concert, I am always very tense at the beginning. Then, as soon as I sit down and put my hands on the keyboard, I calm down and concentrate. And start. I live".

The most exciting moment? "My first solo concert with an orchestra: it was at the Argentina Theater." Four years as a professional, how does the weather change for Matteo? "We are growing and there is an evolution for everyone. It grows in the musical modality, in the concentration, in the sensitivity and in the technique. Growing up for me means continuing to play as a professional, going around the world, playing concerts and expressing my way of making music. And one day, perhaps, to teach». And for carnival, what can be a favorite mask, Beethoven or Darth Vader? "If Darth Vader played the piano, I would have no doubts."