Gallistrings, three generations of high-quality strings at Cremona Musica

Tommaso Galli is part of the third generation of Gallis running the company Gallistring, founded in 1890. After more than a century, the work is changed, but they are still among the top produces of string for musical instruments, especially for classical instruments. We talked with him about the next edition of the fair and their new product, “Overture”.


How did your company start?

Galli was founded in 1890 by Tommaso Galli sr who, more than a century ago, started producing strings for musical instruments. At the time, the main business was producing special strings with natural gut. In 1950 his son joined the company, Roberto Galli, who had the same talent of the father, an expert in this art of producing strings for musical instruments. In 1985 also Roberto’s son joined the company, Tommaso Galli jr, continuing the production for the third generation.


Which are your main products?

The products for classical instruments. The strings for classical guitars “Genius” are our most iconic product. In the last years, we also launched a series of strings for concerts, “Overture”, giving more variety to the production, that used to include just a steel model. Now we can offer both steel and synthetic strings of every size for all the classical instruments, such as violins, violas, cellos, double basses… So we can satisfy the requests of the most demanding professional musicians. But we are always developing new idea and materials.


Is there a constant dialogue with musicians to develop the right strings?

We are totally aware of the importance of a constant dialogue between musicians and producers, this is why we rely on their impressions and suggestion to develop satisfy the requests of the market. The production of new kinds of strings allowed many musicians to get unconventional sounds, influencing their way to make music and music itself. So it was possible to find new solutions for the “best strings”.


How is technology affecting your job?

It is constantly changing it. We must keep pace. The machines “Winding” changed our job, guaranteeing the perfection of every single string. The request for more performative strings forced us to combine the artisanal production with the precision of computers. Clearly, the introduction of informatic did not change only the company backline… Thanks to the internet and the help of artisans, musicians, and web-engineers we created the website Gallistrings.


You are the third generation of Gallistrings, that was founded by your grandfather in the XIX century. How were your entrance in the family company and the continuing of the tradition?

It was hard. I immediately understood how difficult is competing every day with foreign competitors. This means we need to innovate always, no-stop! This competition is a challenge that makes us do our best day after day. In the years I also found many good collaborators to enrich and specialize our team. They helped me to make our prestige grow and to strengthen the company.


What is the importance of Cremona Musica in your business and what are you expecting from the upcoming edition?

We took part in some of the past editions, and I must say that last year we introduced ourselves in the best way to the concerts market, with high-quality products. We had the opportunity to meet many international and Italian clients and dealers, producers, distributors… We hope the same for the 2019 edition, as we hope to give strength to our “Overture”, that we launched precisely during the last edition of the fair.