The largest saxophone in the world plays at Cremona Musica

It is 3 meters long and weighs almost 30 kilos, the sub-contrabass sax made by J’Elle Stainer, was certified as the largest working saxophone in the world. The story behind the Guinness World Record saxophone, that will be exhibited at the main fair for high-quality instruments.


The record saxophone will play at Cremona Musica 2019, the main fair in the world for high-quality instruments, that will be held in the City of Violins between 27 and 29 September. Being almost 3 meters long and weighing almost 30 kilos, the saxophone crafted by the Brazilian company J’Elle Stainer, specialized in extreme saxophones, was included in the Guinness World Records as the largest sax in the world. The instrument is the fruit of the genius of the Brazilian artisan Joao Luiz Da Rocha, who succeeded in crafting a sub-contrabass sax that is perfectly working and tuned, playing an octave below the bass saxophone.

The challenge started with a patent from the XIX century, that nobody had ever made work. After four years of work, involving many qualified artisans, they succeeded, and in 2013 the sax was certified by the Guinness World Record. Saxophonists will have an opportunity to try it at Cremona Musica.

“Wherever I take it, people are very intrigued and want to take pictures,” explains Gilberto Lopes, a business partner of J’Elle Stainer. “Some musicians find it hard to play at the beginning, they think you need a lot of breath, but that’s not true, you just need a constant flow and to control your diaphragm. Clearly, you cannot make quick movements and it must be kept on a dedicated structure that keeps it upright when you play it. Consider it weighs 30 kilos”. Now they are already looking for a new Guinness World Record, the smallest sax in the world, a curved sopranissimo.

Cremona Musica is the main exhibition in the world for high-quality musical instruments, a one-of-a-kind event in the world, that combines the business and the artistic sides of music, summoning all music lovers, both professionals and amateurs. Cremona Musica hosts every year more than 300 luthiers and instruments makers from all around the world, that gives to the Stradivari’s hometown an inimitable allure, that makes every music lover feel like at home. Thanks to Cremona Musica and to the network of organizations, schools, museums and projects that promote music and lutherie, the city is more than ever the International Hub of Musical Instruments, a real “system”, that makes Cremona a special place, where this old tradition lives and renews itself every day.


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