Where precision is everything: inside Thomas Rubner Gmbh

Precision in music is really important, especially when you produce the mechanical elements that give your instruments the right tuning. This is the job of Thomas Rubner GmbH, the German brand specialized in tuning machines and pegs. Looking forward to meeting them at Cremona Musica 2019, we interviewed their commercial director Jeffrey Meinel to find out more about their work and their new products.


Which are the main features a high-quality tuning machine should have?

The most important thing in our opinion is that a tuning machine works smooth and precise. Combining these two skills is the hardest part of the work if you build tuning machines. That is why we enhance the main parts (cogwheel and thread) affecting these two skills every time. In earlier days we used to produce these parts on very old machines. Since the last 5 years, we have been manufacturing these parts on modern CNC-turning machines and producing each part more precise than before. On the other hand, all our tuners are assembled completely by hand. That is also important to guarantee the best quality in smoothness and precision.


Can you estimate how many tuning machines you produce each year?

 We don´t really count them, to be honest, but I think around 6000 sets each year for sure.


Are you working on some innovative products?

Yes, indeed. We are working on a tuning machine with a completely new set-up. New cogwheels, new threads, all parts are new, designed always with the aim to improve the smoothness and precision. We have already finished one prototype and I think in early 2020 we can build (and hopefully sale) the new tuners. The model will be called “El Sonido”.


Beside tuning machines, which are your main products?

We also produce parts like tuning pins/pegs for harps and zither and we produce many parts for brass instruments.


What do you expect from Cremona Musica 2019?

New business contacts. Meetings with good friends. Just having a good time and showing our tuning machines.