Is it OK filming musician on your phone? Top string players say no

Nowadays is pretty common seeing people filming musicians in concert, in order to keep its memory, or to share it on social media. But what do musicians think about it? Violinchannel asked many important string players, and the answer is usually... "do not do it".


Some samples:


Itzhak Perlman: “I’m totally against it … there’s nothing I can do about it but not only is it not right, it doesn’t represent what is being heard in its true form …”.


Nicole Benedetti: “The feeling created by the classical concert hall is something of a rarity, and I don’t like anything that disturbs or dissipates the intensity of it … in saying that, the person saying shhh often creates more of a disturbance than that of the person they’re shh-ing …”


Alexander Kerr: “NO!!!!! … performing is difficult enough as it is, but when every note you play may end up on YouTube, it brings unneeded stress …”


David Garrett: “Yes and no … on one hand social media is a big part of today’s world … you have to understand that it’s part of the business … however, I’m not a huge fan of it … I believe that music should be enjoyed in the moment … maybe I’m too old or too old-school?”


For the records, some musicians do not have problems with people filming them. An instance.


Charles Yang: ” … I am grateful that they do … my view and perception on stage is very different than what the audience sees and hears … so it’s always great to come across a bootleg recording of myself …”


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