Registration now open for the new masterclasses of the Acoustic Guitar Village, with Micki Piperno and Pierre Bensusan

The Acoustic Guitar Village is happy to announce the return of its great masterclasses for the 2019 edition of Cremona Musica. This year the participants will have the opportunity to improve their guitar skills with two amazing teachers, such as Michelangelo “Micki” Piperno and Pierre Bensusan. The masterclass will take place during the three days of Cremona Musica 2019 (27-29 September) and are designed for all guitarists, from amateurs to professionals.

All the participants will get a diploma and the most deserving ones will have the opportunity to perform on one of the stages of the Acoustic Guitar Village



The teachers:

Michelangelo "Micky" Piperno is an acoustic guitar teacher, an internationally renowned performer and a composer of contemporary music. With his steel string guitar, he combines the sound and knowledge of the American guitar tradition with echoes of classical and Mediterranean guitar, at the service of song and melody, which he deems essential for communicating the world of acoustic guitar. He has worked as a composer for cinema, television, and theatre, also writing didactic articles for specialized magazines like Chitarre and Axe. He has published for Sinfonica Jazz the manuals Manuale di chitarra moderna and Suonare la Teoria – voll.1 & 2, Corso Completo di Chitarra Acustica, Lezioni di chitarra Acustica e Classica Fingerstyle Vol. 1, and for the books of original compositions for acoustic guitar Original Composition and Freestyle. The aim of the masterclass is the stylistic polishing of the contemporary guitarist through studies of technique, repertoire, analysis of styles and new technologies.


Born in Oran, Algeria, Pierre Bensusan is a self-taught musician with an international career, that led him to win important awards, including a Grand prix du disque in Montreux. Pierre has a personal style based on different influences, starting from the blooming of folk revival in England, France, North America, that took him toward new horizons. In 2008 he was elected as best World Music guitarist by the readers of Guitar Player, and he published many albums with CBS. He also wrote many didactic books, and is considered a master of fingerstyle guitar, having invented and mastered the DADGAD tuning. He wrote the book “Livre de guitare”. His masterclass will be focused precisely on the DADGAD tuning.


Registration now open


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