Rubner, 154 years of tuning machines are coming to Cremona Musica

Thomas Rubner GmbH is a 154-year-old company from Markneukirchen, a German town renowned for its music instrument making industry. As Rebner’s tuning machines for stringed instruments are sold all around the world, in this interview the managing director Jeffrey Meinel explains how they became such an important firm and why they are coming to Cremona Musica for the ninth time.


Mr. Meinel, can you tell us how your company was born, and how it developed till today?

Our company was founded in 1864 in the German center of instrument making Markneukirchen. We started as a small family owned company producing different metal parts, then the company grew together with the local music industry, and now we are an important supplier for all instrument makers in the area of Markneukirchen. Through exhibitions the name “Rubner” became more and more popular and after the union of the both German countries we took up the new opportunities very quickly and the company was able to do international business as well. Today 25 employees are working in a modern factory in Markneukirchen, always with the aim to make beautiful products with the highest quality.


What is your core business?

We are a manufacturer of tuning machines for stringed instruments, especially for guitars and double basses, and these are our best selling products. Besides this we´re also producing metal parts for the music industry.


(Jeffrey Meinel - on the left - with the CTO Mr. Rocco Meinel)

You also sell your products on your online shop. Do you deliver worldwide?

We have customers all around the world. From USA to Australia and from Japan to Brazil. So it is our daily business to deliver worldwide. Our web shop is only a small tool that helps us to supply our products.


What kind of collaboration do you have with instrument makers?

Instrument makers are the most important partners of our business. It is a huge advantage to share their experience in building instruments. This helps to improve our products and to develop new things. They have a different point of view and that is good for us and for our products.


You are coming to Cremona Musica 2018: what attracts you about Cremona Musica, and what are your expectations from the upcoming fair?

We have been exhibiting in Cremona for 8 years now, and we have enjoyed this show right from the beginning. You have here a lot of the finest instrument makers and also visitors with great knowledge of instruments. Every year we get new contacts and customers and it is always a pleasure to meet our Italian friends and partners here. Last but not least, Cremona is a beautiful city with a great atmosphere.